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At 7 Gen Savannah, we have taken something

that started as a family passion and turned it into a successful breeding business. We breed our animals to be family and pet-friendly.

-  -  -

It all started with a talk about cats and ended with us starting a Savannah cattery!

-  -  -

We love these cats so much, that we are willing to answer any questions or thoughts that you may have about our breed.


Are you interested?

At 7 Gen Savannah, one of our top priorities is to find the right home for each of our Savannahs. 

-  -  -

To reserve an animal, please get in touch or check out our available kittens and find who suits you the best. Don't forget to also check out our blog and catch up on any events or news that is happening with our little Savannah cattery. 

-  -  -

Note, we will not separate our babies from their mothers until they are 12 weeks old.

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